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Area Rugs

Area rugs are a simple way to convert any dull room into an interesting one. When it comes to area rugs there are  hundreds of options to choose from in order to make a room feel personalized. There is a vast array of shapes, designs, colors and textures that one can choose from to get the right feel to a room. If you are re-designing a particular area within your home, area rugs can add spunk to that space. These rugs can also be used to pull together the theme of an entire room so it is essential to choose the right one to complement your style.

Whether you are looking for chic and modern or something more classic and warm, there are certain types of area rugs available that can achieve your desired outlook. For a modern look, there are contemporary rugs that can be used to get that effect. Or for those that are in to the vintage feel, a woven rug would be just ideal. These are only examples of the different area rugs that you can pick from when decorating your personal space. Remember that before you finally decide to choose one from several area rugs, you have several criteria to keep in mind.

Area Rugs Buying Guide

Assess the overall theme within the area where you would like to place the rug. If you plan to change the theme, make sure that the rug also goes with your new decor. One easy way to divide your choices into categories is to split them between a more classic feel and a modern one.

Traditional Rugs Oriental Persian Rugs

Contemporary Area Rugs Rugs with modern design that are filled with color and shapes. If you do not want too much print, you can opt for something with simple lines and less color.

Familiarize yourself with different types As previously mentioned, there are various kinds of area rugs that you need to familiarize yourself with. That way, when you are ready to buy, you already know what you are looking for and it saves both time and effort.

Here are some common examples of area rugs:

Border Rugs These are mostly neutral in shade with a contrasting colorful outline. These types of area rugs are available in various colors and styles. It is easy to pair these rugs with any decor within a room.

Handmade Rugs Area rugs of this type are mostly used to draw the attention to the heart of the room. Since these are handmade, they do have a more intricate and unique detailed quality. Unfortunately, it is due to this fact that these rugs cost more than most other types of area rugs.

Machine made Rugs If you are on a budget, this is the type of rug for you. They are less expensive that the handmade ones but are still of good quality. Although handmade rugs are known to last longer than most machine made ones.

Now that youre a little more familiar with area rugs, here are some points to ponder on before making a purchase:

1.    Identify the specific area where you are going to place your new area rug. When you are looking into the perfect spot to place the new area rug, consider how much foot traffic there will be within that particular place. The more traffic there is, the more likely your new carpet will get worn down. If this is the case look for area rugs that are much sturdier and will definitely last the intensity of the foot traffic. For cases where in there is minimum traffic, go for a chic or stylish rug that can add flair to any room.

2.    Extravagant or Simple? Depending on your personal taste, decide whether your area rug would look stylish or plain and simple. In order to determine which one you would ultimately live with, know whether or not you want your rug to be the focal point of the entire room. If so, then proceed with purchasing one that is intricately designed and colorful. But if you decide to go in a much simpler direction, then choose from area rugs that have fewer prints and more clean lines or something more monochromatic.  Area rugs also come in different shapes like round area rugs, oval area rugs, etc.

3.    Do You Have a Pet? If you are an animal lover then make sure to consider that fact into the scenario. Pets can potentially cause unwarranted damage on carpets. Whether it be through rough playing or accidentally doing their business on your newly bought hand tufted carpet, it is damage that nobody wants to clean up after. So for those pet lovers, make sure to get a an area rug that is resistant or hard on stains so that you do not need to go to so much trouble when cleaning them.

4.    Do You Have Kids? Similar to your pets, kids can also cause accidents. Stains can be removed easily but when it comes to art supplies such as paints and crayons, you may want to consider a far less expensive type of area rug. Also, non-slip rugs can be a good choice to make sure your children are safe when playing on the rug.

5.    Size matters Measure! Before going into any store or going online to purchase area rugs, make sure to get the right measurements for the area where in you are planning to place your new carpet. This is important since it would be quite frustrating to end up with large area rugs that are either too big for your area or too small to get the right look. So always make sure to get the right measurements and also the right unit of measurement!

6.    Be Clear about Your Budget As mentioned earlier, some area rugs can be more expensive than others so better make sure to do some canvassing before your actual purchase. Also, this saves you time since you already know which type or style of rug to go for. Whether it be contemporary, braided, handmade or non-slip rugs, make sure that the area rugs you pick falls into your intended price range. You can definitely use the internet to find area rugs cheap.